Fabric Sofa Maintenance & Care

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Fabric Suites have the advantage of having a variety of colours and textures to choose from but it is a little harder to keep clean than a leather suite.  Fabric upholstery needs to be cleaned on a weekly basis to avoid a build up of dust particles which can dull the colour of the fabric.

Caring for my fabric suite

As with many types of furniture dust particles can build up on a fabric suite. Over time if the fabric is not maintained it may appear worn due to the accumulation of dust. Vacuming the suite weekly prevents the material being worn down by dust and also prevents dulling of the fabric.  If the cushions are filled with feather and down use a brush to dust off dust particles as a vacuum may pull feathers from them.

It is important to plump the cushions at the end of every day to maintain the suite’s shape. Pay particular attention to feather and down or fibre cushions as this will extend the life and avoid any permanent grooves being imprinted in the suite. If possible reverse and swop around the back and seated cushions on a regular base. This will allow even wear on all parts so your favourite spot doesn’t appear more worn that other parts of the suite. It will also ensure you get maximum use out of both sides of the cushions.

Where possible try to keep pets off the suite. Also be careful with any sharp objects as they can snag on the fabric e.g belt buckles etc. If something does catch in the fabric, never pull the thread just cut off the excess.

Arm caps are a good investment for the longevity of your suite. The arms of the suite is the area most likely to show soiling or wearing down therefore lined armcaps which can be removed to wash are a great idea to maintain the look of your suite.

Wooden or chrome feet on the suites don’t require much maintenance and only need to be occasionally wiped down with a damp cloth. Try to avoid polishes or sprays on the feet as it might damage the suites adjoining fabric.


Always follow the instructions given with your fabric suite as different fabrics must avoid certain cleaning products. Take note also of the care label instructions before machine or dry cleaning cushion covers. Always wash all parts of the suite as colour change may occur to the washed covers over time.

A textile cleaning and protection kit is handy for use in spillage emergencies. It is always best to act as quick as possible on spillages to avoid it seeping deep into the fabric and staining it. Always blot the spillage with a damp cloth instead of rubbing at it as that will spread it over the surface of the fabric.

It is best not to use soap or chemical cleaners as they may cause a change in the colour of the fabric. If blotting water doesn’t work always test the soap on a small inconspicuous area of the suite before using it on the visible stained area.

If all else fails call a professional cleaning company.