Kingsbury Furniture

IN 1991, two Tallaght brothers seized an opportunity and opened a business called Kingsbury Furniture in a 3,000 sq ft unit where H Williams used to be located in Tallaght Village.

Over the past 30 years, this family-run business, which specialises in household furniture and flooring, expanded and in 2006 moved into a new 9,000 sq ft store on High Street, Tallaght.

Born and reared in Tallaght Village, brothers Paul and David Nugent will be celebrating 30 years of Kingsbury Furniture in 2021. Older brother Paul explains: “I was working in the furniture trade in the city centre and always thought there was an opening in Tallaght for a good furniture store.

“Me and David were in our mid-twenties at the time and decided to seize the opportunity.

“We had to beg, borrow and scrape to come up with enough money to open up shop – and, thankfully, with the help of family and friends and some suppliers, we opened Kingsbury in September 1991.”

Paul and David, who still live in Tallaght, and train juvenile teams with Thomas Davis GAA club, have made it through the tough times – when they had to think outside the box to keep their business afloat.

“Throughout the recession we branched into full apartment, turn-key fit-outs, and this led to a lot of showhouse fit-outs for builders and developers”, Paul said.

“This, along with the reputation we had built up locally, helped the business stay afloat during the crippling recession, when over 60 per cent of furniture retailers in Ireland went to the wall.

“There was also a real challenge for a few years from the fly-by-night companies that came into the country and were selling inferior products but their finance gimmicks and marketing would lure the customer.

“Eventually people learned through bad experiences to shun this type of trader.”

He added: “We believe that the company that builds through good customer service and quality products will stand the test of time.

“We have many customers that would have bought furniture from us in the early ’90s and are still buying and accompanying their sons and daughters into our store.

“We are a family-run Irish business and try to support Irish suppliers and manufacturers as much as possible.

“We are renowned for our quality of products, beautiful style, great value and customer service like no other.”

Looking forward to the future, Paul said: “House-building we expect to kick off again in the near future and this can only help the whole economy and have an immediate impact on our trade – as they say, a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Kingsbury Furniture, which also offers a full interior design service, is located in Unit 3, High Street, Tallaght – which lies in close proximity to Smyths toy store and DID Electrical.