Living Room Furniture Range

A nice piece of occasional furniture can add that finishing touch to your home and here at Kingsbury Furniture we have a vast range of living room furniture to choose from.

These pieces includes coffee tables, lamp/end tables, nest of tables, TV units, sofa/console tables, bookcases, room dividers and many more. All which are available in various wood finishes or a more modern glass effect.
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When arranging the furniture in the living room, it is important to determine the focal point from the start. It can be a fireplace, a window, a TV or a gallery wall. The furniture should later be placed around it, starting with the larger pieces such as a sofa and continuing with the smaller seating pieces to face each other. This arrangement will create a comfortable conversation area with proper traffic flow. Everything should be finished with the accent furniture pieces. One of the tips for making a space bigger is to avoid placing furniture directly against the walls. Another tip to follow is to choose a larger coffee table and place it in a way that is at arm’s length from the seating pieces.
When choosing furniture for your living room, it is always smart to know your budget and preferred style. For upholstery furniture, opt for durable, high-quality, and easy-to-maintain fabrics, especially if you have kids. Before shopping for living room furniture, it is also important to know the design theme and the number of people who will often spend time in the space.
No, it doesn’t need to match. You can combine different eras, prints, colours and styles, but always be sure that they are balanced and rather complementing instead of overpowering each other.
The most crucial pieces of living room furniture are sofas, armchairs and coffee tables. Adding smaller decorating pieces, such as rugs, artwork, curtains, throws, pillows and lightning, will make the space comfortable and soothing.
Everything depends on the size and shape of the room itself. Bigger spaces can be divided into smaller ones letting you have more than one conversation area. It is always recommended to choose the focal point right from the beginning. The rest should be arranged according to it. The size of the room determines the size and number of pieces of furniture, especially the seating furniture. Smaller spaces require lighter colours for furniture, wall coverings and paint with less details, while in bigger rooms, you have more freedom that allows you to add a pop of bolder colour.
Place the coffee table in the central position to the 3-seater or on the side of a 1-seater. Placed in the centre position, it should be at least 50 cm away from the footrest of the reclining couch. In that way, you should always have enough space both in reclined and declined positions. To combine a recliner with a coffee table with rollers instead of feet is a good idea. That way, you can easily move and adapt the distance between a table and a recliner sofa.
The rug size depends on the coffee table shape and size. Usually, the rug should be at least twice the size of the coffee table and, if possible, of the same shape as a coffee table. Some interior designers prefer the rug area to be big enough to cover the space under the coffee table and at least the front feet of the seating pieces around it.
The coffee table should cover two-thirds of the sofa's length. Its height should be of the app. same height as the sofa seat but not lower than 5cm.