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Console and Hall Tables Range in Ireland

Do you think your hallway is ready for a change? Is there some empty wall in the living room? If the answer to these questions is yes, then a hallway console table might be the perfect solution for all your troubles.

Whether it is a modern streamline look you are going for or an ornate splendour style, we have what you need.

Unique Entryway Tables Elevates Your Hallway

A slim and narrow hallway table fits perfectly into different spaces and functions as both a decorative piece of furniture and storage for all small things you may need when you go out.

Having a place in the hallway where you put your keys when you come back home or prepare all the little things you need for your next go-out is a must-have for your home.

Depending on the size, it can be a savvy solution for storing backpacks and winter attire or showing off different decorative pieces such as figurines, candles, vases of flowers, books, lamps and more. It is a multifunctional solution with decorative purposes that make every space more welcoming and cosy.

By choosing the model with a bottom shelf, you get a space you can use for your shoes, boots, kid’s skateboard or rollerblades. Even the most narrow hallway will thank you for this solution.

Decorating it with a mirror above and some wall light features or placing a lamp on the top with a small bowl for keys and storage for mail, you get a multipurpose corner you’ll use every day.

Console and Sofa Tables for the Stylish Living Room Look

The space behind the sofa sometimes looks unfinished, and the living room is the one that often needs the most storage space for blankets, small gadgets, chargers, children’s toys and so on.

Investing in a larger table with drawers and space for storage boxes in the bottom part that is also narrow enough to be placed behind your sofa is a perfect choice for your needs.

While drawers are there for all those small gadgets like batteries, TV cables, remote controls and chargers, the boxes underneath are the ideal solution for toys, file boxes, blankets and decorative pillows.

This sofa table doesn’t take too much space but gives you enough room for the things you want to keep neat or away from the sight of curious eyes.

On the other hand, it can accent your unique design style and make the previously blank space a beautiful corner that elevates the whole room without taking attention from its focal point.

Take the Most Out of Console and Hallway Tables

However, these tables don’t necessarily need to be behind your sofa or against the wall in the hallway. They can be so much more, and it’s up to you and your imagination how you will take the most out of them.

You can place it against the wall under the beautiful eye-catching gallery wall that needs a little push to be a perfect corner in your living room. Have interesting lightning on the top, and you will accent the artwork above.

Some models, especially ones with drawers on the top, can function as small dressing tables in your bedroom. If you don’t have enough space for a real dressing table but still want a place dedicated to you and your personal beauty salon, this narrow table can be a perfect choice. Small kids’ bedrooms are always in search of compact desks. Therefore a small console table with a drawer or two can be an excellent solution here too.

In smaller kitchens, they can serve as small kitchen islands or additional workstations, sideboards in a dining room, or why not make a tea or coffee bar out of it? Opting for a model with drawers adds more than welcoming extra storage for your coffee pods, spices, knives and other small kitchen utensils, among many others.

Buy Hallway and Sofa Console Tables at Kingsbury Furniture

The furniture market is rich in diversity of styles, materials and sizes, so choosing the right console or entryway table for your space may sometimes be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. You can always start knowing your taste and how large the room you want to have the table is. Let us give you some ideas regarding the material choice.

Glass – Small spaces prefer narrow hall tables made of glass. These modern pieces are lighter, take up less space and, depending on the glass type, can more or less reflect the light making the room seems much larger.

Wood – If you are more into warmer styles like farm-style interiors, go with wooden hall and sofa tables. There are different material solutions and colours of wood, but solid oak is the most popular because of its colour shade and durability.

Metal – Sofa and entryway tables made of metal look bold and are perfect for you who like modern and industrial interiors. Metal can come in various colours, but black and silver are the usual choices for lovers of this interior design style.

If you are now sure about the look you want for your space, check Kingsbury Furniture’s offer online and in person.

See our diverse range of wood and glass finishes on hall tables below. Please keep in mind that we add to our collections regularly.

If you do not see what you are looking for here, pop into our showroom, and we would happily show you around.

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