Dining Room Sets & Kitchen Furniture

We provide a wide range of superb dining room pieces here at Kingsbury Furniture. Displayed here are just a few examples of what we have to offer.

This includes; dining tables, leather, fabric or wooden dining chairs, sideboards and display cabinets. Choose a traditional natural wood or marble or even go for a more contemporary look with glass, chrome or hi-gloss. Whatever your taste is we are sure you will have a very enjoyable experience with our dining room furniture.
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No, those two areas don’t need to match. The choice is up to you, but if you want to determine two different areas in one open space, then unmatching the furniture in them can be the right approach.
In a space with a height of 2.5 meters, you should hang pendant lights and the chandelier 75-85 cm above the table or around 185 cm above the floor.
As with any other reclaimed wood furniture, this type of dining table requires regular application of oil, wax or varnish, which will prevent cracking and drying out. You should also keep it away from direct sunlight and heat. Use mats under it while being careful during cleaning and moving.
The shape of the dining table depends on the room size and shape but also the number of people you want to place. Round tables are perfect for smaller spaces and a small group of people, while rectangle tables are the right choice if the room is narrow and you want to place a larger group of people. On the other hand, choosing a square table is a good idea for a square space where you want to guest a smaller, intimate group of people. Oval tables are a good way to place more people in a small, narrow room.
Every seating area around the dining table should occupy 60-90cm of space. In that way, a person has enough freedom to move around, sit and stand up without disturbing others.
Yes, they are, especially in open and bigger spaces. Choosing a bench will add to the visual flow of the space. It will even let you place more people, which makes it a practical solution. Opting for a dining bench instead of a chair makes the space more inviting and less formal.
You should always take room size and shape into consideration. It determines the size and the shape of the dining table, the crucial part of any dining room. The next thing to consider is your preferred style. Think also if children will be using it and how and how often you use the space. Would it be a multipurpose space or one used only for dining? Don’t forget to determine the areas for chairs, lightning and rug.
No one can imagine a dining room without a dining table and chairs, right? The rest is optional and usually includes storage furniture such as buffets, hutches or china cabinets.
Yes, our tables come packed and disassembled, and our fitters assemble them right on the spot, so it won’t be any problem to fit them through the doors.