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5 Tips to Bold Prints & Patterns – A Guide to Choosing a Patterned Sofa

By December 30, 2022July 3rd, 2023No Comments

Buying a new sofa right for your living space is a big decision. This will be the centrepiece of a living room or lounge for years to come. Understandably, this can lead to people “playing safe” when choosing a fabric sofa. After all, this is a big investment and will need to look right regardless of the changing colour scheme and décor of its home!

However, a boldly patterned sofa can be a great choice if you want to stamp your personality on your home. It can become an interesting focal point and add warmth, character, and texture to a room. And, of course, another major advantage of patterned sofas is that they mask the stains and marks that inevitably accumulate.

But, it can be challenging to incorporate bold-coloured patterns into your design scheme. This guide can help you choose a boldly patterned sofa that adds character and personality to your home without hiring expensive design consultants.

Embracing the Bold – Choosing a Fabric-Patterned Sofa

There are plenty of stunning-looking sofas that use neutral fabrics that can act as beautiful centrepieces that can grace any room. But what if you want to inject a little panache into your décor scheme?

Though it might seem a little bold, choosing the perfect patterned upholstered sofa can transform spaces into vibrant living space that looks stunning and uniquely personal.

Here are our top tips for choosing a boldly patterned sofa or sofa bed:

1 – Plan around your sofa

New sofas and new décor often go hand-in-hand. Knowing the design and pattern of your sofa before beginning your decorating project allows you to “harmonise” the décor of your room to allow the sofa to take centre stage and accentuate the effect you are aiming for.

2 – Opt for large-Scale patterns

Larger scale patterns are more forgiving when it comes to looking good in different surroundings. But this doesn’t mean sacrificing that bold look you are aiming for. Opting for large-scale and open patterns allows plenty of freedom for future décor schemes to work but still adds character and personality to a room.

3 – Say it with Stripes!

Stripes are another pattern that manages the twin feats of being beautifully bold and versatile enough to flourish across different décor schemes at the same time. For instance, the Arianne Love Range allows you to mix and match fabric styles that include bold stripes. These can blend in beautifully in just about any interior design scheme.

4 – Mix and Match

Along the same lines is to take a “mix and match” approach to choose a patterned sofa.

Sofas and occasional chairs around it don’t need to be an exact match, and this can soften the effect of a bold pattern on your sofa. In turn, whilst softening the overall effect of a beautiful patterned sofa, mixing and matching can subtly highlight the character of this effective piece of furniture.

It can be a challenge to get this right but play it safe and choose colours that are consistent across both chairs and sofas, and you won’t go far wrong!

5 – Be Yourself!

At the end of the day, letting your character shine through in your choice of sofa is the number one consideration! Matching stripes and polka-dots might not be everybody’s idea of the perfect décor scheme – But if it works for you, that’s all that matters!

The Final Step to Your New Patterned Sofa

Choosing a modern patterned sofa over the plain one might seem like a bold move. But if you take a little time and choose the perfect sofa, there is no reason that you won’t have many happy years lounging on your patterned sofa.

If you need any assistance choosing a perfect sofa, then we can help – Kingsbury Furniture’s collection of sofas has something to suit all tastes. Why not contact us today and discover more about the range of available patterned sofas in our Dublin store?