Rhapsody mattress


The Respa Rhapsody mattress is part of the Respa inspire collection. It combines the benefits of Vasco memory foam and thermo cool fabric for maximum comfort and breathability and airflow.

Respa’s SleepFresh technology is included and creates an ideal sleeping climate obtained through the use of a probiotic technology ensuring a fresh, clean hygenic nights sleep.

Features include

  • 2000 individually pocketed springs
  • a box top for added comfort
  • a robust frame preventing roll off
  • memory foam pressure relieving foam moulding to your body shape and aiding spinal alignment
  • thermoregulation optimised with the latest methods to ensure you maintain a stable body temperature
  • SleepFresh technology- allergen contol
  • luxurious traditional quilt and cushioning layers
  • 3d airflow technology for maximum airflow

Comfort rating: medium


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3ft, 4ft, 4ft 6, 5ft, 6ft