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Top Tips For Setting Up Your Living Room

By September 23, 2021January 27th, 2023No Comments

The living room is the focal point of any home. It is the room where the family sit to watch a movie, or where we entertain friends, or sometimes it’s just for curling up on a comfy sofa and spending a quiet hour with a good book.

This means there is a lot to consider when setting your living room up. It has to be functional, comfortable and at the same time reflect your personality. If this seems like a daunting task, then don’t worry, we have compiled a list of top tips to help you create the perfect living space.

Know your dimensions

It is crucial to have an awareness of the space that is available to you. The furniture you choose has to look like it belongs in the room, the proportions must be correct for your living room to look natural and welcoming. You may have your eye on a particular sofa or another large piece of furniture but buying on the pretext that “we will just make it fit” rarely works.

Measuring every nook and cranny and drawing up a floor plan will give you a great insight into how much furniture you require and the sizes you are looking for.

Choose your sofa

shuffle-sofaIn most cases, this will be the largest and most prominent item of furniture in the room. Therefore, it makes complete sense to know what sofa or sofas you want in your room before you choose details like décor and other furnishings.

The sofa can also act as a focal point, so it is important to know what you have in mind so you can design the rest of the room to accentuate it.

This is where the floor plan and dimensions are also helpful. Knowing what space you have available helps narrow down the choices and also give you a great idea of how best to optimise your space. For instance, if you know space is tight, then a corner sofa may be the best option to free up valuable floor space.

Finally, also consider the fabric before you buy. As an example, if you have free-range dogs, then consider a sofa with a tightly woven fabric.

Incorporate some natural wood

To add some texture and warmth to a room, you can’t beat the natural look of wood. Adding some wooden furniture to your room works on so many levels. The wood-look never goes out of fashion, will blend with just about any décor theme, and always looks classy.

Whether it is simply a small nest of coffee tables or something more substantial like a TV/entertainment unit or bookcase, adding some wood to the room is a great way to add character, warmth, texture, and class to your living room.


Now that you have the room measured and the main items of furniture selected, it is time to consider the décor. Many people rush into this stage and do this before the furniture is chosen but waiting until this stage has advantages.

With your furniture already chosen, it means that you can choose a colour scheme and décor that work beautifully with your new living room furniture.

Remember that a lighter room will always look roomier and more spacious, so for most people choosing a primary colour scheme that is bright is the best option. This doesn’t need to be boring though, incorporating some darker areas is a great way to create some contrast and break up the lines of the room.

This technique is really effective when added to an alcove or above a fireplace, but if your room doesn’t have suitable features, then why not get creative and create a section to add contrast. Using timber edging pieces to break up the wall and create a “dark area” is a great trick to bring some contrast to your room.

Mix and Match

Adding contrast through light and dark areas is a great way to add depth and balance to your living room. But taking this concept further and to add some extra cosiness and warmth to your room, then don’t be afraid to mix and match your furnishings and upholstery.

This doesn’t necessarily mean buying separate chairs and sofas, although this works too. But just adding some throws or cushions that complement your furniture can add a “mature and cosy” look to your living room.

Don’t forget the floor

Adding a rug or two to your living room is a great way to bring the whole picture together and add some more of your personality to the room. Whether you have natural wood, laminate, or even if you’ve just had a new carpet laid, rugs can help to bring warmth, texture, and personality to your living room.

As well as minimising staining and wear on your floor, a patterned rug can be used to complement and enhance the appearance of your décor and furniture.

Choose some movable furniture

Choosing some moveable items to furnish your living room is a great way of adding some extra versatility and functionality to your room. Lightweight chairs like our snuffle chair and tables that give you options when you have family or friends over, or even if you just want to put your feet up on an ottoman after a hard day, are fabulous and useful additions to any living room.

Have fun

Embrace your living space, and don’t be afraid to be quirky when you start planning your living room. Create a wall gallery, or be bold with your furniture choices and decor, a perfectly ordered living room can result in a clinical feel, remember that this is a room that you want to furnish and decorate beautifully, but more importantly, you want to fill with memories!

If you need any advice about your living room makeover, our friendly sales staff are always on hand to help you create the perfect living space.