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Top Tips for Cleaning and Keeping your Sofa in Pristine Condition

By March 15, 2022July 1st, 2022No Comments

With spring just around the corner, many of us will be starting the annual ritual of spring cleaning. As the dark days of winter recede, we all want our homes looking the best through the long summer days ahead.

Sofas get a lot of use throughout the winter. We spend our nights (and those cold rainy days) huddled in front of the telly. All this use means that there is a very good chance that when spring comes around, your sofa will need a little bit of care and attention.

A little cleaning can go a long way to keeping your sofa in pristine condition and extending its life. This guide is packed full of useful tips to help you do just that.

So, if you’re sofa is looking a little “crumby” after too many Netflix binges, then read on to find out how to get it back to looking its best.

Advice on Caring for and Cleaning your Sofa

Sofas are the centre point of our living rooms and lounges. They can also represent one of the larger furniture investments that people make. But quality sofas will last for years if looked after properly.

These simple steps will keep your sofa comfortable and binge-worthy for years to come.

  • Start with the debris

Lifting your cushions can throw up some unpleasant surprises. A winter’s worth of crisp, chocolate digestive, and popcorn crumbs will all have taken up home. Then there will be the assortment of paperclips, pens, coins, and long-missing earrings that inevitably gather under cushions.

Start by removing the cushions and thoroughly vacuuming them. Next, remove all the larger debris from the base of the sofa before giving this and the body of the sofa a good go over with the vacuum.

Last comes the fun part! It is time to get down and grimy and explore just what lurks in all those tight corners and cracks. One easy way to clean these awkward nooks is to use a narrow attachment on the vacuum and secure a pair of old tights over the end of the nozzle with an elastic band. This ensures that no larger objects like coins or paper clips get sucked up.

Once all the vacuuming and debris removal has been completed, obstinate pieces of lint or pet hairs can be removed using a lint roller.

  • Show your cushions some love

We ask a lot of our cushions, and they become like old friends, friends that have uncomplainingly supported us through all the excitement of the last series of Game of Thrones. Now, it is time to repay the favour and return some of that love!

It is only a case of giving them a little plump! Before you place the cushions back on the sofa, simply hold the cushion firmly by opposite sides and give them a good tight squeeze, you may have to repeat this several times for more neglected cushions.

It is also good practice to turn the cushions where possible. Although, if your sofa doesn’t have the same material on both sides, this may not be an option.

  • Dealing with spills

Inevitably, with thrills, there comes spills. Whether it’s the kids watching cartoons, or adults engrossed in a late-night thriller, at some point, your sofa is going to be subjected to a juice, wine, or mug of tea spillage.

The temptation is to give it a vigorous scrub, but this can do more harm than good. Instead, grab a bundle of cloths, clean rags, towels, or kitchen-roll and get dabbing!

This minimises the area that the spill affects and keeps any staining from spreading.

  • Dealing with stains

If you have suffered a spillage, then the first thing to do is to deal with any staining as quickly as possible.

  • Small and light stains – These can normally be removed with a little dishwashing liquid in warm water. Again, dab and don’t scrub, a little patience may be required, but most light stains can be removed this way. However, with any stain removal process, it is always recommended that you test the cleaning solution on a small and hidden part of your sofa first.
  • The magic of baking soda – A little baking soda can work miracles on more stubborn stains. When dealing with particular stains or dirty areas, sprinkle it liberally over the affected area and leave for a few hours before vacuuming it off. The remaining stains can then be treated as described above or using a fabric cleaner but remember to test it on an inconspicuous area first!
  • Baking soda can also be used as an all-over “reviver”. Sprinkle it over the entire sofa and leave it for about twenty minutes before vacuuming. As well as freshening up the appearance of a sofa, this can also remove lingering pet and other odours.
  • Salt – Salt is fantastic when used on fresh spills, including the dreaded red wine spill. Pile it liberally on top of the spill and allow it time to absorb the spilt liquid before scooping it off and treating any remaining stain with some gently dabbed soapy water. If necessary, the entire process can be repeated after this stage. 
  • Leather Sofas

Leather sofas will benefit from having a spring clean to remove all the debris, as described above, but the material should be treated differently.

There are plenty of proprietary treatments geared towards treating sofas, and these work perfectly well. However, they are also complemented with a regular wipe down with a very mild solution of washing-up liquid and lukewarm water. Always test an area first and thoroughly dry the sofa afterwards.

For those wanting to give their leather sofa a bit of DIY care and attention, then a mix of cleaning vinegar (or any other vinegar will work) and equal parts of a natural oil such as orange or flaxseed can be used to treat sofas.

Simply wipe the sofa with a cloth dampened with the mixture and leave for a few hours before wiping it clean with a soft, dry cloth.

And Relax…

It’s as simple as that! With a little care and attention, that super-comfy sofa can be part of family memories for years to come.

If you want to know more about sofa care or want to check out our massive range of superb quality sofas and couches, why not contact us today or pop in and discuss your needs with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.