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10 Considerations When Choosing a Sofa

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10 Considerations When Choosing a Corner Sofa

Choosing a sofa is a big decision. It will be the focal point of your living room for years. A sofa becomes like an old friend that keeps you company while watching TV, always there with support and comfort when you need it!

But choosing the perfect sofa can be difficult with many factors to consider. We have put together this guide to help you pick the ideal sofa for your home.

Read on to discover the most important things to look for when buying a sofa for your home.

1. The size of the sofa

One of the most critical aspects is the size of the sofa. We have put together a fantastic guide to help you if you are wondering how to choose the perfect sofa size. But there are a few things to consider when selecting a sofa of the correct size:

  1. Too Big – The temptation is always to go for the largest sofa possible. But large sofas squeezed into small rooms make them look smaller and physically cramped. 
  2. Too Small – If a sofa is too small for a room, the effect can be a room that looks empty and cold. 
  3. How many people will it usually seat – Does it need to be a 2- or 3-seater?
  4. Does it fit? – Often overlooked, but if there are steep and twisty staircases to navigate, cramped halls with tight corners, or small doorways, you need to consider them when choosing the size of your sofa.

A modular sofa is one great option for those particularly tight squeezes. Models such as the beautiful Urban Modular can fit into most living spaces and then be assembled in place.

Top Tip – To get an idea of how a sofa will look in your living room, use tape to mark the sofa’s dimensions on your floor. Remember to account for sloping backs and sides!

2. The style of the sofa

Once you have determined the perfect size of sofa for your family and home, the next consideration is the style. Your sofa must fit the décor and style of your home.

Modern homes with minimalist lines will better suit contemporary spaces. Similarly, more traditional homes look amazing when matched with the elegance of a design such as the Berkshire.

Some more modern designs are mid-century, industrial and contemporary style sofas with clean lines and a boxy look. On the other hand, some more classical models are traditional, country and shabby chic style sofas. Retro Edwardian and Chesterfield style sofas in leather or velvet, like our Truffle sofa, may fit perfectly in both interior styles if combined well.

Top Tip – If you are considering decorating your living room, choose the sofa based on your new chosen décor. Better yet, shop for your sofa after you have already decorated the room.

Gray Truffle Sofa in Chesterfield Style with Tapered Wooden Legs

3. Choosing the sofa fabric

The right upholstery fabric for your sofa is a critical factor. It can be down to something as simple as comfort – e.g. some people love luxurious leather sofas whilst others prefer the convenience of a fabric such as a microfibre.

However, comfort isn’t the only factor. For instance, houses with pets (or young children!) might opt for durable leather as it is easier to keep clean of pet hair, mud, and all the associated stickiness with kids! You only need a slightly damp cloth to clean it, and it will get its natural patina with time, making it unique.

On the other hand, fabrics can be from cotton and wool blends to microfibre and velvet. The practical thing with some fabric sofa models that have back and sometimes even seat cushions with removable covers is that you can easily clean them in the washing machine when taken off.

Top Tip – Before you begin looking for the proper fabric for your sofa, determine your budget. It may affect your choice and options in a big way, but, indeed, you don’t want to pay for it more than you are ready to spend.

4. How to choose the sofa colour?

Some fabrics come in hundreds of different colours and patterns, and your style and habits, room size and incoming natural light are the ones that will affect this decision. Choosing a bold or neutral colour or a colourful pattern can be fun, but it should certainly be thought carefully.

Having kids and pets is a factor that also has a bearing on the colour of the fabric you choose for your sofa. Beige and light colours don’t usually pair well with kids and pets. On the other hand, sunlight can cause fading of dark shades with time, and small rooms can seem even smaller and more crowded with dark sofas.

Top Tip – If you are a serial decorator that likes to try new styles, opt for neutral-colour fabric. Colours like white, grey and black will allow plenty of flexibility to get a little adventurous with your décor and still have a sofa that blends in.

Arianne Love Sofa in Colourful Fabrics5. Get the right feet and arm style!

There are so many options regarding the style of sofa arms and feet/legs. They can uplift or destroy the whole look – a small detail that makes a big difference indeed.

While traditional style sofas often come with tapered wooden legs in different decorative finishes, modern sofas may come with simple wooden or metal legs in geometric form. On the other hand, arms can be curled or squared, low or high, thin or wide, decorated or simple.

Top Tip – Don’t forget to test the arms of the sofa you like, which will help you ensure they are sturdy enough or even comfortable if that’s what you prefer for your afternoon nap.

6. The comfort factor!

Perhaps the most important job of a sofa is to keep you and your family comfortable during the whole night’s Netflix binge! Comfort can be a personal decision – some people love soft and plump, others like something with a bit of firmness.

As a big decision, it is crucial to understand what type of comfort your new sofa will have. Experience with previous couches will give you an idea of what firmness level you prefer. Ultimately, the best test is to “try before you buy”. At Kingsbury Furniture Studio, we have a wide range of sofas in our showroom that you can test first-hand.

Top Tip – Remember that a new sofa might initially be slightly stiffer than expected, which is quite normal and will quickly settle down. However, you can speed up the process by plumping the seat cushions.

7. Consider types of sofa cushion filling.

Sofa filling is the one that determines the comfort of the sofa but also must be chosen according to your or other family members’ allergies and maintenance requirements. The standard choices are fibre, foam and feather fillings.

While cushions filled with fibre are incredibly soft and snuggly, keeping their original appearance is high-maintaining. On the other hand, foam-filled cushions are much firmer and are considered to be better support for the back. They hold their form longer with only occasional turns.

A feather-filled sofa is a choice for you who likes the feeling of sinking in. It is a natural and luxurious material that provides softness and comfort. Still, it requires regular plumping and turning and is unsuitable for persons with feather allergies.

Top Tip – Consider the new blends of feather and foam if you like the soft feeling of a feather cushion but still want the firmness and easy-maintaining that foam provides.

8. Corner sofa vs 2- or 3- seat sofa

Shuffle Corner Sofa in GrayWhat type of sofa you should buy can be one of the most significant decisions you might need to take. Here, you mainly need to consider your lifestyle and room size. 

Corner sofas are increasingly popular and are often the best option for homes, especially if you have a smaller room and want to free up valuable floor space. They are also a good option for rooms other than the living room. Dining and game rooms are two examples where corner sofas work beautifully because they leave the centre of the room free.

Both 2-, 3-seaters and corner sofas may come in the form of a sofa bed. These models are an excellent choice for smaller multifunctional spaces and when you need an extra bed for guests. If you want to enjoy additional comfort, consider investing in a recliner sofa. It will provide you with extra support for your legs and neck.

Top Tip – Corner sofas are available in left-handed and right-handed orientations, which means that a shorter length can be positioned on one wall. Maybe aesthetically handy, but this is important when considering obstacles like fireplaces. Be sure to take this into account when selecting a corner sofa.

9. How to choose throw pillows for your sofa?

Even though some sofa models come with matching throw pillows, sometimes it needs a couple of extra decorative pieces that will make it unique or even more comfortable. When upgrading the sofa with decorative pillows, think of the colour palette that fits your sofa.

If you opted for the patterned fabric, you should probably choose more neutral throw pillows, but for sofas in neutral colours, go for one solid coloured, one simple printed and one busy printed pillow. Instead of a simple printed, you can opt for a small printed pillow and combine it with a big printed one.

Top Tip – Regarding the pillow size, get bigger ones for the outside lines of the sofa, such as arms and back cushions, while getting the smaller ones as you move towards its inside.

10. Common mistakes to avoid when buying a sofa

Avoiding the tips above is something you shouldn’t do. As you can imagine, the common mistakes are taking the wrong measurements, picking the colour and fabric that doesn’t fit your habits and lifestyle, and choosing the sofa style that seems awkward in your living space combined with other furniture in the room.

The one thing that can go wrong is not considering the quality of the sofa itself. Longevity is one of the main factors and depends on the construction and materials used. Look for pieces of furniture with seats constructed with eight-way hand-tied springs. Check the joints as they should be made of wooden corner blocks, dowels, metal screws and brackets while avoiding the ones joined with watered-down glue.

Top Tip – Don’t forget to try the sofa out before buying. That is the only way to see if the sofa fits your preferences regarding comfort and longevity.


At Kingsbury Furniture, we stock a vast range of sofas in many design styles and fabrics. If you need any advice on choosing the perfect sofa, then we can help.

Why not contact us today or pop into our showroom and see our stunning range up close?

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