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Great Ideas to Make the Most Out of A Small Dining Room

By December 18, 2021January 12th, 2022No Comments

Unless you are lucky enough to be blessed with a large dining room, then dining rooms can be tricky to furnish in a way that combines function and practicality.

Most dining rooms are on the small side, or maybe part of an open-plan kitchen. Whatever the case, if space is tight, you still must squeeze in a table, chairs, and other furnishings and still leave room to move about.

Preferably all this is achieved without making the room look cramped and cluttered. If this sounds like a big ask, don’t worry, this article is crammed full of great ideas, covering everything from aesthetics to furnishings that will help you make the most out of a small dining room.

Making the most of your dining room

Dining rooms are kind of unique. Most of the time, it is just the family group that use it maybe once or twice a day. However, now and again, it suddenly has to be able to cope with an influx of guests for that Christmas dinner or just for a plain dinner party.

This is one of the more obvious problems and is the first one we will address in our list of ideas.

1.    Opt for an extendable dining room table

If your dining room isn’t at full capacity every evening, then the simplest way to create extra space is to go with an extendable table. This allows you to use it at its smaller size in day-to-day use and extend it only when required.

In smaller rooms, this might mean having to compromise with some of the furnishings when the table is extended, but for most people, this works perfectly well.

At Kingsbury Furniture, we have a wide range of stunning extendable dining tables in stock to suit rooms of all sizes.

2.     Light is your friend

While brightening up your room is not going to add any physical space, it will make it look roomier and less cluttered.

Try to enhance natural light as much as possible, but because most dinner parties occur in the evening, then thought should also be put into how to light it during the dark hours.

It means striking a balance between not having your room so bright it becomes garish and having enough light that the room looks airy and spacious. This is best achieved by using brighter coloured paint or wallpaper. This helps to brighten up even dimmer lit rooms.

This effect can be further enhanced by using décor like mirrors or even crystal chandeliers that will bounce light around the room.

3.    Go for a round table

King Arthur was right! Round tables are a great option for dining rooms of all sizes, but their benefits make them great for smaller rooms.

Their lack of edges allows you to fit more diners around your table whilst taking up less space. They are also a more sociable option, with the shape allowing guests to interact with each other easier.

Finally, unlike rectangular tables whose shape can make them impractical for rooms of certain dimensions, round dining tables will work in any shape of space or room.

4.    Turn a kitchen island into a dining area

Even if you haven’t got a dining room or area that can be used for one, a kitchen island can make a great, if somewhat informal dining area.

This option also allows you to socialise while cooking and amaze your friends with your culinary skills (or not!). Using this as a dining area, even when entertaining, can still work for more formal occasions. For instance, our Belinda Bar Stool is a luxurious and classy stool that wouldn’t look out of place in a Michelin Star restaurant.

5.     Choose a glass dining table

Glass adds to the optical illusion you are trying to create of the room being larger than it actually is. Glass tables are a simple way of making more of the room visible, and this gives the impression of there being more space.

At Kingsbury Furniture, we stock a range of glass dining tables, including round ones, to further enhance the space available.

6.     Choose additional furnishings carefully

Where space is at a premium, then furnishings other than the table and chairs also need to be considered. Most of us would prefer some form of storage in the dining room.

One solution is to use an alcove or a window bay. Where available, these can be utilised to provide room for additional furniture.

Where the room is tight, then bulky sideboards or cabinets aren’t an option, and a little more thought is needed. Shelving is a great option for providing important storage but isn’t to everyone’s taste.

At Kingsbury Furniture, we stock a wide range of dining room sideboards and cabinets, including some beautiful small examples which are perfect for tight spaces.

7.    Pick the right chairs

Larger dining room chairs will simply look out of place in smaller rooms. Picking dining chairs that match the proportions of your room will allow for more space to be available and keep the aesthetics of the room in the correct proportion.

Also, lighter coloured chairs help to give the impression of roominess, so as well as the size of the chair, consider what finish you opt for as this can make a big difference to the overall effect.


Even the smallest area can be transformed into a beautiful and practical dining area with a little thought and some attention to detail. At Kingsbury Furniture, we stock a massive range of stunning and practical dining room furniture that can bring a touch of class to any dining occasion.

Why not contact us today and discuss your needs with our expert staff.