Corner Sofas

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Corner Sofas – FAQs

Choosing the right sofa is a big and exciting decision.

If you are considering a corner sofa, and want to know more about them before taking the plunge, then this guide aims to tackle the most common questions that people ask about this practical, beautiful, and versatile option.


First, let’s define just what a corner sofa is. As the name suggests, a corner sofa is designed to be placed in the corner of a room. Usually L-shaped, with one side of the sofa shorter than the other, the design allows for seating on both “legs” of the L.

Although the L-shape is the most common type, many corner sofas are available in equal length along both sides. At Kingsbury Furniture, we can supply corner sofas in any configuration, and our modular range makes customisation easy. (More about the modular design below)

Corner sofas offer a range of benefits that can make them the ideal choice in many situations. Below is a list of some of the major benefits that these can bring to any room.

  1. Space Saving – The most obvious benefit is the space-saving characteristics of corner sofa design. Because they fit snugly in the corner of a room, they provide a lot of seating with a small footprint. This frees up the centre of the room and can make even the smallest space seem larger and airier.

  2. They can also remove the need for additional seating that may be required to supplement seating needs if a standard sofa is chosen.

  3. Comfort – We all love a sofa to lounge about on, and corner sofas are renowned for their comfort. Because they are space-saving, a larger sofa can be installed in any room, meaning more comfort for everyone!

  4. There is also the wide range of seating options to be considered. The corner allows for a proper “feet up” experience, and the sides mean that there is plenty of room for a lie-down.

  5. Social – A corner sofa allows for friends and family to sit together and watch TV, play games, or simply chill all in the comfort of one corner sofa. This can be difficult to achieve in odd-shaped or small rooms where sofas and chairs by necessity have to be placed in far from ideal locations.

Because corner shaped sofas often feature a short and long side, then one essential consideration is the orientation of the sofa. Before we discuss the elements that can affect this decision, let’s take a moment to show how to tell which is which.

The easiest way to tell if it is left or right-handed is to look at the sofa from directly in front of the corner – If the longer side is to the right, then it is a right handed sofa and vice versa.

There are some factors to consider when choosing between the two, common among them are: 

  • Space – It could be that an obstruction like a fireplace, window, or alcove is situated along one wall and therefore restricts that wall for a longer sofa edge.

  • Aesthetics – It is often simply a case of how you want the sofa to fit in with your existing décor/space.

  • Room design – The shape of the room, where the TV is located, doors and windows, etc. can all affect which orientation of sofa is best for you
If you are in any doubt, then a simple sketch of your room layout with a cut out sofa shape(s) will allow you to get an idea of how particular layouts work.

As the name suggests, modular corner sofas are composed of individual modules that can be used in conjunction with each other to make a highly-customised sofa.

Not only does this allow you complete flexibility when choosing the shape and orientation of your sofa, but it is also a flexible option in other ways. For instance, a modular corner sofa allows you to choose different fabrics and designs with each module. This adds another element that can be used to stamp your individuality on your sofa. Want to mix leathers and fabrics? It is easily doable with a modular sofa.

You can even split the modules up and use them as separate sofas, or try placing a module next to an existing sofa or using one as an ottoman. With a modular design, the options are endless, and the choice is yours.

The design you choose is very much a personal decision based on taste and the décor theme of the room the sofa is for. To help ensure that there is something for all tastes, designs, and rooms, we stock a massive range of corner sofas to suit all needs and budgets.

At Kingsbury Furniture, you can select from fabric or leather, with or without legs, wooden or metal frame, contemporary or classic designs, to name a few criteria.

However, one consideration that can affect the choice of any sofa is the material chosen, and it is worth considering some of the benefits that different fabrics provide.  

Leather – Hard wearing and easy to clean, this is often chosen by people who have pets or young children at home. However, it can scratch or scar, and some people don’t like the initial coldness felt when sitting on a leather couch, especially in winter!

Fabric – These tend to be softer, warmer, and many people consider them more comfortable overall. All our fabric sofas use the highest quality materials, so you can be sure they will be long lasting. However, they do hold more dust and potential allergens than leather sofas, so this should always be considered.

The final category that needs to be considered when choosing a corner sofa is the available features. Like traditional sofas, there are a host of features that can be included in a corner sofa: 


Just like traditional sofas and chairs, corner sofas can offer a wonderfully relaxing reclining feature. Great for lying back with a bowl of popcorn and watching a movie or taking a nap, recliners are incredibly popular.

Available as manual recliners or as electrically controlled for even greater convenience, corner sofas are designed to recline even when placed directly against the corner walls.

Corner sofa bed

Always popular is the sofa bed options, and corner sofas can come with this feature too.

Sofa beds make it easy to convert your living room into an extra guest bedroom when space is tight. Corner sofas make ideal and supremely comfortable sofa beds.

Chaise end

A chaise end is a type of corner sofa, although to be precise, there is a distinct difference. Putting it simply, a chaise end looks like a bit of a hybrid between a traditional sofa and a corner sofa, it features one end that sticks out, which provides a great area for those wanting to lounge in comfort with their feet up.

Generally, this part of the sofa doesn’t have a back on it, which helps to differentiate this from corner sofas, although they both provide more or less the same function.

Chaise ends will often feature a modular unit that can be attached to the end, this footstool-like addition can add a little extra length to the unit.