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Apartment Living – Furnishing a Small Space

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When furnishing a small space or apartment there are a few things you can do to optimize the space you have to work with. First of all create a list of everything you need for each room and set yourself a budget.

If you are a landlord furnishing an apartment it is important not to skimp on the basics because at the end of the day a well furnished apartment will get you a higher income rental rate in the long run.

Here are some tips for furnishing a small living space.

Living Room Furniture

Futons or sofabeds are generally a good idea for the living room as it allows you to host overnight guests. If you’re buying a coffee table/side tables choose ones with under shelf or drawer storage. If you are opting for no coffee table you could get a storage footstool that can double for extra seating when guests are visiting. Select a suitable entertainment unit, one that will hold all of your electronic entertainment devices (TV/DVD player/Dvd’s). If the space is too small for coffee tables or storage footstools you can use wall mounted shelving to store books or photo frames etc.


Dining room/Kitchen Furniture

Drop leaf dining tables or small extendable tables are a good option to minimize the space your dining set takes up. Glass tables open up the space and make it appear bigger than it is. Another way to maximize your space would be to buy some bar stools and use your kitchen counter top as a dining area when need be.


Bedroom Furniture

In order to utilize the space in your bedroom opt for a divan base bed. If you purchase a 5ft divan bed it takes up exactly 5ft in width but if you buy a 5ft bedframe they tend to be a couple of inches bigger therefore can take over the size of a small room. Purchase the best mattress you can afford as it will be an asset to your health and wellbeing. With Divan beds you also have the advantage of being able to add storage drawers to the base when purchasing. A matching wardrobe and locker will complete the basics of the room. If there is limited space in the wardrobe adding a slim chest of drawers will do the job.


Study area/work area

A work area may be a luxury in most apartments due to space limitations. If you have the space a small desk/ chair and lamp is essential as most people do some sort of work or study at home nowadays. Choose a desk with drawer space for stationary and one that has the space to fit your computer and still has room for you to write along side it.


Accessories and Final Bit’s and Bob’s

Accessories allow you to show your personal taste in your apartment. A rug and matching lamps can really spruce up the look of a living room. Pictures/photographs and candles add a homely feel to the space and give the apartment an inviting effect.


If you are furnishing the apartment on a tight budget shop around and take note of furniture clearance sales etc. Try to avoid furnishing the apartment with mismatched odd pieces of furniture in the one room. It may be the cheaper option but will take away from the aesthetic appearance of the apartment. Most furniture stores offer apartment packages at a reduced rate that can be ideal for saving you time and hassle when fitting out the apartment.

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